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Poster by Jim Warren
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The Acts 

The Acts brings to life the miracles and wonder of the first century Church as God's Spirit empowers His people. The entire play is about an hour, but Rich has performed many of the sections, and even the entire first act, on their own.

Your performance of The Acts today at The Lamb's Theatre was incredible. What an amazing gift you have been given. 
--Cindy Dupree, 

Producer of Live from The Lamb's

This excerpt from The Acts was performed in Ceasaria Philippi, Israel, where it took place.

Thank you for your gripping portrayal of everyone in Acts at Living Water. We appreciate you taking out time for us. It was awesome! Even my kids liked it.
--Ralph Franco
San Antonio, TX

You convinced me every time you changed character.
--Dalores Wenzler
Milwaukee, WI

I thought you were Paul. I had to tell you how real it was.
-Andy Van der Wiele
North Haledon, NJ

The Acts on Thursday was awesome. Though it is the 3rd time I've seen it performed, the Holy Spirit was moving like it was the first.
--Sandy Rodriguez
White Plains, NY

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