Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Back to work

Dear Friends:

Our MD visits today indicate healing is on the way -- although my heart function is less improved than they wanted to see. I feel better, though, and some indicators -- like blood pressure -- are strong.

What continues to bother the MDs is that they can't be sure what caused the heart failure. The biopsy and the MRI show completely normal heart conditions -- no cancer or viruses or other indicators that might point to a cause.

At this point, the MDs continue to hypothesize that the condition may have been caused by the medicines I've been taking for my multiple sclerosis, so treatment now centers on tinkering with the heart meds and remaining off the MS meds until the heart muscle strengthens.

I'm cleared to return to work and did so from home yesterday; I plan to go to the office tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

My prayer requests now:
* That the heart function improves significantly (if not, they may put a pacemaker in --yikes!).
* That MS not worsen in any way while I'm off those meds (right now, I have numbness and pins/needles in feet and hands, which seems to be related to the MS and not the heart).
* That the Lord continue to fill me and Rich with His joy and peace.
* That the Lord richly return the generosity you've shown to us 100-fold! You have all truly represented your Lord and Savior truthfully and beautifully!

All Glory to the King of Kings! Jesus Christ is Risen!

In His Grip, Joyce & Rich Swingle