Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Joyce is HOME!!!

Thanks for all your prayers. Joyce was released from the hospital at a little before 5pm.

The heart medication has stabilized her heartbeat. She won't be entering any marathons anytime soon, but for now she's in the clear.

After all those tests they know several things that were not causing the irregular heartbeat, but so far they haven't determined what is causing it. After the MRI a woman wheeled her away (she is walking, but before she was released she had to be wheeled everywhere). This woman said Mt. Sinai Medical Center was a great place for Joyce to have been admitted because it is a complex with a wide variety of specialists. She said, "There are a lot of good minds here." So those good minds are going to be putting their heads together about what was ailing Joyce.

Next Tuesday Joyce will have a follow up visit in the doctor's office at 1pm EST, so we'll appreciate prayers:

Pray that the test results will reveal what caused the irregular hearbeat.

Pray the doctor will ask us the right questions.

Pray that we'll ask the the doctor the right questions.

Pray that in the mean time the heart medication will continue to work and that Joyce will be back to full strength very soon.

In Christ alone,