Monday, March 14, 2005

Joyce just took a walk

Joyce was sitting up eating lunch shortly after the procedure. Later they took her for an echocardiogram. It's the same technology as an ultrasound. They let me go in, so I could see her heart pumping and her valves working. That's all I took away from the test, but I'm trusting the doctors will learn more than that.

Next they want to do an MRI. We're guessing that at this point they'll probably do that tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/15).

Her doctor dropped by and said they're exploring a number of different causes and treatments. He said it may be a long road, but seemed very optimistic.

Pray for the MRI to go flawlessly. It's noninvasive, so there's no danger involved, but we want to make sure that with every test they get all the information they need the first time around.

Pray for Joyce to continue to be joy-filled and a shining witness to everyone here.

In Christ Alone,