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Monday, November 28, 2005

64.5 million viewers

Jimmy Sites has just agreed to be a master class instructor at MasterWorks Festival this summer! His show Spiritual Outdoor Adventures is seen in 37 million households, with a potential viewing audience of 64.5 million, plus over 700,000 listeners on his weekly radio show of the same name.

We'll be performing William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream , under the direction of Harvey Johnson, who directed Anne of Green Gables last year.

Also returning are Patricia Mauceri, a regular on One Life to Live, and Susan Somerville Brown, who was in the closing company of CATS on Broadway. I'll be directing the program again.

The dates for 2006 are June 25-July 23. If you or a young artist you know is interested in exceptional training as an actor (the program also has world-class artists teaching piano, guitar, dance, opera, and every orchestral instrument) send them to


At 7:13 AM, Blogger Irene said...

*prays for MWF2006 attendence*


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