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Friday, December 02, 2005


I just performed my Christmas play, Views of the Manger, for the first time this Season at Alliance Theological Seminary, just across the Hudson. Joyce earned her Masters there, though most of her credits were at their Manhattan campus.

Because I've been so focused on prepping for BEYOND THE CHARIOTS' Off-Broadway run I'm afraid my rehearsals have been just about making sure my lines and blocking are solid. Well this morning all the weight and wonder of Christmas gave me a solid whack in the head right in the middle of my performance.

Now this happens every year: the fresh realization that the Creator of the Universe came to earth in the hay and slobber of work animals to the poorest of parents, thought by most to be moral reprobates. I always bawl like a baby when it finally hits me...every year. This year it happened on stage, and Harvey the Innkeeper was a blubbering idiot!

Let the Season begin!


At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, this is Brandon. Thank you for helping me get into the Christmas spirit. I will be, in fact, going out to Oregon for Wycliffe's Dinner Theatre tour, so praise God! And thank you so much for all the trouble you went through for me during this process!


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