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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Compassion Quadruple Sponsorship

That's the moon setting over my family's farm in Phoenix, Oregon. I left early for my double performances at Trail Christian Fellowship.

Back in Chattanooga the sun rose on an exciting new program.

Compassion ( has agreed to cover tickets to our Off-Broadway run ( for some youth in an inner-city after school program (

For every Compassion child sponsored at one of my performances or through, Compassion will cover three tickets for Abundant Waters kids and their guardians.

If you've been thinking about sponsoring a child now's a great time to take action. Between now and April 23 sponsorship will impact four young lives. You can choose a child now. Go to

Please leave a comment on this blog ( post so I know how many tickets to set aside.

I used to have time to teach drama and sociodrama ( to the youth of Abundant Waters. I would send post cards from places I'd perform to my office in a Broadway theatre and address them to "A deserving student at Abundant Waters." Then I'd hand them out as rewards for good behavior. I could tell many of them had never received a post card in their life.

This partnership with Compassion allows teachers to give out Off-Broadway tickets for good behavior. Roger and I want our plays and the lives of Eric Liddell and John Wesley to inspire these young people to greatness.

Sponsor a child now:


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