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Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's almost noon...

We were supposed to fly direct from LA to Hong Kong, but winds over the Polar Ice Cap this time of year often prohibit flights that long.

I had stops here each way when I ran a cross-country race in Canton, China, as a high schooler.

On that trip we got a tour of the Olympic pavilion, just as they were gearing up to host the world.

My strongest memory was trying on Levi jeans behind a curtain in an open-air market on their coldest day on record since the'70's. When I was warm enough to really look at them I realized they were Levee Strong & Co. jeans. Instead of two oxen stretching a pair of pants its brand was two cowboys in a rodeo. Yeehaw. I thought that was a good price for Levi's.

Note: I couldn't get signal in Korea. I just touched down in Hong Kong.

That was Thursday morning. I've been trying to post to no avail. If this gets through now it's because my service works better in Macau. We're speeding there by jetfoil right now.

Nope. Didn't work in Macau. Back in Hong Kong en route to teach my last workshop on this trip.


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