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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Please announce this at your church. Download our form by clicking here, print more than you think you might need and give them to a point person. Feel free to use the PowerPoint images at to play during your PowerPoint announcements and when this announcement is made. For information on group discounts go to

There are two one-man plays about Church heroes playing Off-Broadway from April 17-23. Relive the incredible adventures of 1924 Olympic Gold medal winner Eric Liddell in war-torn China. Rich Swingle's new one-man play Beyond the Chariots picks up where Chariots of Fire left off. Behold Liddell's greatest race: as a missionary who conquers persecution and succeeds by turning his greatest enemy into a "Powerful Runner Who Overcomes Great Obstacles." At different times, experience the widely acclaimed performance of the life and times of John Wesley, the man who rode more than 250,000 miles to bring spiritual renewal to England and America! The Man from Aldersgate brings to life John Wesley and his dynamic ministry. In John Wesley's own words you will gain new insights into the importance of prayer, and how personal failure can teach us to trust Christ. The play has been performed over 1,300 times in 32 countries and all 50 states! To get the group discount see _______________________ today. For more details go to or call 877.238.5596. That's or 877.238.5596.


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