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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Two sources of inspiration connect on Wesley

I first saw Roger Nelson perform his play The Man from Aldersgate, about John Wesley, the summer before I moved to New York. It was at a Christians in Theatre Arts Conference in Vancouver, BC. I was inspired on a number of levels: It confirmed my leadings to move to NYC, confirmed that Christians could work in the arts professionally, and specifically inspired me to work more on one-man plays.

Not long after that, Irv Brendlinger, now a professor at my alma mater, George Fox University, hired me for one of my first performances of A Clear Leading. Irv was a great fan of the subject of my play, John Woolman, and his enthusiasm was a real catalyst for getting me to the next level in touring the show.

Now that I'm getting A Clear Leading back on its feet (, I was delighted to find that Irv has come out with book about John Wesley!

It's fascinating to me to see all of God's connections out there in the world!


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