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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Profoundly moving

I'm weeping like a blubbering idiot! I just finished reading Mac Nelson's Memoirs of a Hollywood Adventure. The last time I wept this hard while reading something it was when I read the same conclusion to Mac's manuscript before it went to press. That was when I invited him to be a master class instructor at the MasterWorks Festival this summer.

I met Mac when I first moved to New York City. The stories in his book are the ones that inspired me as I was first starting out as a professional actor. Mac's the best story teller I've ever heard, and every time I introduce someone to Mac I beg him to tell one story after the next. Now they're all (well most of them are) in this fabulous book, and Mac's writing is even better than his story-telling! I found myself laughing or crying on almost every page.

For those of you who are coming to MasterWorks this summer, I urge you to read Mac's book before you arrive on campus, so that the time he spends with you will be more meaningful. Also, the book has many more insights into the craft, business and pitfalls of surviving as a professional actor than Mac will have time to share with us at the Festival.

By the way, MasterWits '09, you're mentioned on page 9.


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