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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Foreigner

John Kirby and I have decided to produce The Foreigner, by Larry Shue, for this summer's MasterWorks Festival.

There are some parts of me that are still jiggling with mirth from the production my alma mater, George Fox University, did in the late '80s. Besides being a hilarious play, it deals with the heavy subject of racism by creatively showing the value of every culture.

It seems a very appropriate choice as delegates from 200 nations are being gathered this year in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Third Lausanne Congress on Worldwide Evangelization: I was selected for the Media and Arts committee, so I'm excited to share some of Lausanne's vision at MasterWorks. We'll be exploring some of the themes of Lausanne's occasional paper, Redeeming the Arts, and even developing some sketches to be submitted for performance at the Congress this October.

The Foreigner has the smallest cast of any full-length play we've ever produced at MasterWorks, but because of the opportunity to prepare pieces for submission to Lausanne, and through some creative ideas John and I are considering, all students will be kept busy.

We've got another great line up of faculty and master class instructors taking shape. We'll be announcing them soon.

Apply online now:


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