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Paradise Lost 
This twelve-movement work dramatically presents portions from Milton's classic poem Paradise Lost. The text of the story of Eden, performed alongside Scripture by Rich Swingle, is enhanced with the actions of the performers and their music. The work is composed by Terry Ewell for bassoon, oboe and percussion specially for The International Double Reed Conference in Tempe, Arizona. There are few compositions with narration and music combined. This composition adds to this limited genre. You may view a Baltimore performance in it's entirety here.

Running time: 50 minutes.

Terry B. Ewell (composer, bassoonist) is professor of bassoon and music theory at Towson University. From 2001 to 2005 he was President of the International Double Reed Society. He served as Principal Bassoon of the Hong Kong Philharmonic and the Wheeling Symphony and also has performed with the Seattle Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, West Virginia Symphony, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra. During the summer he is a faculty member at the MasterWorks Festival in Winona Lake, Indiana. Dr. Ewell is a leading exponent of double reed pedagogy through digital media. His YouTube videos have been viewed over one million times and other web materials have received over one million downloads. Many of his materials may be accessed at www.2reed.net and www.idrs.org. 

Doris DeLoach (oboist) is Professor of Oboe at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Before joining the Baylor University faculty in 1967, she played English horn for three seasons with Nashville Symphony Orchestra while earning the M.M.E. degree at George Peabody College. She is currently principal oboist of the Waco Symphony Orchestra and plays in the Baylor Woodwind Quintet. Active as a performer, she has appeared in concert at International Double Reed Society Conventions in Columbus, Baton Rouge, Madison, Lubbock, Bloomington, Evanston, Frankfurt, Morgantown, Tallahassee, Austin and Ithaca as well as state and national conventions of other prominent organizations. Dr. DeLoach is on the faculty of the MasterWorks Festival in Winona Lake, Indiana. International appearances include performances and master classes in Belgium, Panama, Costa Rica, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, England, France and China.

I will never read those portions of scripture the same way.

--Alana Pritchard Carithers

Violinist for Richmond Symphony

and Oberon Quartet in Residence at St. Catherines School

It was the first time I understood the text so clearly because of how you presented it
--Linda Warren
Associate Pastor, Westchester Chapel
Adjunct professor of Bible and Christian Ministry, Nyack College

Photos courtesy of The MasterWorks Festival
Shane Music, photographer.

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