Available for viewing online and/or on DVD
Films featuring Rich
Beyond the Chariots
Revelation The Musical
Pray Over Broadway Live

Most Tuesdays at 12:15pm, Eastern
Pray with Others Live

April 13-14
Private Coaching sessions

April 16-17
Private Coaching

April 19-20
Private Coaching

Melbourne, FL
May 19
The Revelation
Suntree Grace Church

Orlando, FL
May 20-22
Attending the International Christian Film and Music Festival

Orlando, FL
May 22
Attending the International Christian Film and Music Festival
Awards Ceremony
Nominated for Best Actor in a Short Film for "The Ledger"
and People's Choice Actor of the Year

Norwood, CO
June 6-11
Coaching actors
The Rocky Mountain Christian Filmmakers Camp

Salem, MA
July 11-14
Playing Pudens in the film musical
The Diary of Perpetua

Dates TBD Serving as dialect coach on Washington's Armor

Princeton, NJ
Sometime in the fall (postponed due to Coronavirus lockdowns)
I Dreamed I Was Free
The Witherspoon Jackson Historical and Cultural Society

Anywhere in the World
Five Bells for 9/11


May 21-June 6 Available for performances and workshops

Cremona, ON, Canada
Rich performs and Joyce speaks
Rivers Edge Family Camp

Grand Junction, CO
Dates TBD
Teaching and Directing
Christian Artists Mentoring Project (C.A.M.P.)

Kijabe, Kenya
Dates TBD
Teaching Drama in Ministry course
Moffat Bible College

Anywhere in the World
Views of the Manger is available


 Beyond the Chariots is available:

White Plains, NY
Westchester Chapel Players
Westchester Chapel

Nigeria, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Rwanda
Dates TBD
We have invitations in each of these nations, but they don't have funds to get us there. We're raising support to make this trip a reality, and we'll add as many nations as we have support to cover. Pray about supporting us: