March 13, 2010

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March 03, 2010

from Vancouver 2010

(Beyond the Chariots) was brilliant - both the writing and the acting. Makes you realize how much impact one person can have in life.
--Nancy Lee
Langley, BC, Canada

Edinburgh Fringe Colleague

It was such a pleasure to meet you two! And your play has stayed with me--what a wonderful achievement. Now I know why friends at Edinburgh told me I had to see it, and I'm so appreciative of the divine timing that made it happen!
Blessings to you both.


Here's the story of how Leslie and the Swingles connected during the Vancouver Winter Olympics: Miracle in Rwanda.

December 15, 2009

Sociodrama workshop

I met with a young actor from LA who took your Sociodrama workshop at the CITA ( conference at Azusa Pacific with me. We talked at length about how profitable that was for us. I use what I learned from you in my classes at our local high school, so your influence continues!

When CITA asked for feedback from the conference, I requested that you do a whole track, rather than just the one session. I thought it was the most valuable thing I did that weekend - exploring the dynamics of the relationship between Jojo and his parents [from Seussical] and determining the origin of the famous feud in Romeo and Juliet added physicality and emotion to be carried into a performance, rather than just 'head' work.

Being able to interpret for people in conflict brings the safety of actors who are not involved emotionally together with the affirmation of the reality of the intensity of the conflict to those involved, so they are able to say, 'Yes! That's how I feel! Now you get it!' Mirroring their situation in an honoring, compassionate way - brilliant.

--Bobbie Helland
San Diego, CA

November 23, 2009

Bibliodrama Down Under

Hey Rich! Hope you are going well. I am from the Sydney Staff
Songsters and I've gotta tell you that I'm still impacted by your
trip. I have organised a 'bibliodrama' Rich-Swingle style in our
Sunday night service.
--Nicola Poore
Sydney Staff Songsters
Sydney, Australia

November 12, 2009

Totally counter cultural

Dear Rich,

My name is Jana. I am a student at Fox and had the privilege of seeing you perform in chapel and your "A Clear Leading" act. They were both amazing.

I just wanted to say thanks for how candid you were in the chapel session. Possibly my most favorite was when you said, "In the beginning, work was good!" That was cool...totally counter cultural but very cool.

May God continue to bless your ministry. May you see His hand and glory working through you.

In Him and Much Luv,
George Fox University
Newberg, Oregon

September 28, 2009

from Sydney, Australia

Have just arrived home from Rich's performance of Revelation. Please pass on my congratulations, I was much inspired and encouraged. He is an inspiration.

Many Thanks
--Ian Jurd

September 23, 2009

from Down Under

You are truly amazing, praise God for his incredible gift to you. What you ministered at Camberwell was significant - it was all part of what he's working at Camberwell, in the Army and in Melbourne! It was great to see you again and to meet Joyce, and I really just wanted to thank you for your example and for Christ shining so powerfully through you! I'm praying for his continued blessing on you and Joyce and your ministry! Come back to Aus soon!
--Nikki Capp
Territorial Mission Development Director
The Salvation Army - Australia Southern Territory

September 12, 2009

Thanks from New Zealand

Hey Rich, thanks again for a great time tonight, I'm already hearing some excited reports from our teens about enacted prayer. Thanks for introducing it to us. God bless and hope you have a great trip home. Leave knowing that God has used you here in NZ.
--Drew Donovan
Youth Pastor
Wesleyan Methodist Church
Burswood/Botany, Auckland
New Zealand

August 03, 2009

from the Hospitality Queen

I wept as I read your email Rich – Praise God for His Mighty workings through you and Joyce and your team!!!! I know even greater things are coming for you both!
be blessed, love,

Renné Dismore
Hospitality Queen
Nay's Creative Ways
3382 Stadler Drive
Pickerington, OH  43147

...gaining on life with a sense of humor!

July 26, 2009

From Transylvania

How wonderful are the ways of our Father. :) Dear Rich and Joyce your energy and enthusiasm in the Lord amazed me and makes me to want more and more of Him. :) Thank you for sharing your life and time with us.
Your sister in
Jesus Christ,
MasterWorks Festival student, 2009
From Transylvania

July 23, 2009

Orlando sociodrama with poor clients

I was able to be a part of the sociodrama workshop and was really blessed by the experience. It was amazing how open the men were to sharing and also how able some of them were to contribute creatively to the activity. I journeyed all the way from British Columbia, Canada, to get involved in this and I'm glad I did. Thanks, Rich!

June 12, 2009

Redemption and laughs

We all need a reminder of what God can do through a devoted soul, and there is no better way to draw close to that than by watching Rich Swingle perform this miraculous one-man show.  It's not just the layers Rich brings out of the characters, not just his command as an actor playing multiple roles, it isn't just the fine writing -- it's that God's spirit is present from beginning to end as Rich draws us into Eric Liddell's heart.  I marvel at the depth of this performance and the power in this play.  As a former runner, I loved how the intensity of running was captured on a small stage.  Beyond the Chariots will take you through joy, pain, and redemption with laughs along the way.  What it will not do is leave you untouched. 

--Joan Bauer, novelist
Author of Hope Was Here, Stand Tall, and Rules of the Road
Awards: Newbery Honor Medal, the LA Times Book Prize, the Christopher Award

June 10, 2009

After performances in a public high school

The kids had a great time.  When I asked one teacher what she thought of your performance, she smiled and said one word - "Phenomenal!"  I see you as highly energetic, creative, polished, engaging, and invigorating. When I watch you perform "Beyond the Chariots" and your opening of Les Mis ("The Fall"), I find myself reflecting on human nature, man's inner struggles, and his quest for true peace.  Your life and work radiate love for mankind.  May you continue to be used as an instrument of grace to inspire the multitudes.

--Cindy Sebring

English Teacher

Annandale High School

Annandale, VA

June 08, 2009

What a gift

What a gift you have been given, Rich. You are one amazing and extremely talented performer. What you shared at the conference within worship was quite powerful and so well done. Then, at the conference's end, I returned home with your DVD and watched your performance of Beyond the Chariots and it blew me away. I was indeed again impressed with your complete presence to each and every character portrayed.

With best regards,

Jane Wellford
Associate Professor of Performing Arts
Elon University

March 05, 2009

The Power of Theatre

Thank you for an outstanding presentation. Thank you for reminding me of the power of theater for the effective presentation of the Gospel.

--Rev. Ron Singleton
College Chaplain & Director -- Christian Education and Leadership Program
Limestone College
Gaffney, SC

February 19, 2009

passion for his work

I met Rich over this weekend at a Worship Arts Retreat through my
church that was held in Wisconsin and I have to say Rich is one of the
most genuinely nice guys I've ever met. He has passion for his work as
an actor and he loves the Lord. It was a pleasure to see him doing His
(God's) work and eating lunch with him was a pleasure; he is such a
nice guy!
--Brian B
Warren MI


Rich did his "Views from a Manger" one-man play for our church, Lagrange Christian Assembly in Lagrange, IL, this past Christmas. I really appreciated the fact that he was able to weave deep Biblical truths into the fabric of this very entertaining performance. i.e. One of Rich's many characters points out that, understood in the cultural context of Abraham's day, God's action of walking through the pieces of the sacrifice while cutting covenant with Abraham designates that God himself is the covenant keeper. This role was usually reserved for the lesser king in the covenant who had the burden of keeping to the terms of the covenant or bearing the consequences.
This was a wonderful foreshadowing of how God made himself less as a baby in a manger in order to bear the burden of keeping his covenant with mankind, on the cross. It was an energetic and insightful performance. 
--Renee R

February 18, 2009

Encouraged to do what we do

Thank you so much for coming today to share with us. You truly encouraged me to keep doing what we do! It is such a great honor to have you open yourself up for our questions! Its great. I will be praying for the movie, please keep us posted on its development. 
Thanks again.
Romans 10:15 <><
In Him
Corie Savage
Theatre Ministry major
North Greenville University
Tigerville, SC

February 17, 2009

Connecting with the drama ministry class


Thank you so much for stopping in to our Drama in Ministry class. You are always a delight and the information you shared was very helpful and encouraging to my students (and me as well!).

We will be checking out your blog & website updates... can't wait to hear about how the film is coming along.

You have been an inspiration to my students and I thank you for your work for the Lord.

Go in Peace, Live in Grace, & Trust in God's Love
Corrie Eddleman
Assistant Professor of Theatre
North Greenville University
Tigerville, SC

February 12, 2009

3rd time

The Acts on Thursday was awesome. Though it is the 3rd time I've seen it performed, the Holy Spirit was moving like it was the first.
--Sandy Rodriguez
White Plains, NY

February 02, 2009

Re: A Clear Leading

I enjoyed your play so much. You are truly blessed from God with an
incredible gift.
Robbin D Copenhaver
Meridian, ID

For information on A Clear Leading, visit

January 30, 2009

After a drama workshop

Thanks so much for doing the drama workshop at the seminary. The folks who came felt really blessed and thoroughly appreciated what you shared with them. Grace & peace as you continue your phenomenal ministry.
--Dr. Carole Spencer
Director of Friends Center
Adjunct Professor of Church History and Spiritual Formation
George Fox Evangelical Seminary
Portland, OR

December 24, 2008

All my life

"I've been studying the Bible all my life and I've known all these facts, and I've known them to be true, but this was a most beautiful presentation of the people as they probably were. It made the mental pictures that I've had come to life in this enactment.
--Carol Ernst,87 years old

November 28, 2008

Her new Hero

After watching Olympic Hero in China, my 23 year old daughter Annie says Eric Liddell is her new hero for the quality of the life he led.  I heard her telling a friend about Eric, and she said, "He led an amazing life!"
Paul Cozby
Theatre Guide for

November 24, 2008


The documentary was amazing! I love Eric Liddel, and I truly appreciated hearing from so many people who were involved in his life.
--Jen Stuck
Nyack, NY

October 25, 2008

Blessed and Inspired

Thanks for the wonderful contributions you made to our Worship Arts Retreat last weekend at Camp Wonderland.  Everyone was blessed and inspired by your performance, instruction, and humble spirit.  I hope our paths will cross again in the future - hopefully when we can attract a bigger audience to witness your consecrated skills.

--William Himes
US Central Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary
The Salvation Army

October 10, 2008


As an actor, Rich is very sensitive to the text and intentions of the role and is very committed to involving every aspect of his body and mental process towards building the character. As a writer, he knows exactly what he wants to get across and tends to find the most efficient and effective way of doing that, while also being open to making revisions, seeing what works and what doesn't work.
--Brandon Langeland
Portland, OR

March 01, 2008

What a treat

I want to let you know how VERY MUCH we enjoyed your Eric Liddell show. What a treat for us!
--Christy An Bennett
Adjunct professor of History of Christianity
Alliance Theological Seminary
Inspiration for starting work on Beyond the Chariots

February 26, 2008

Second time

I was so moved by your performance on Saturday. It was great to see it a second time through, and I was so moved by your portrayal, particularly in one of the final scenes where Eric is talking with Mai Ker... It was a privilege and honor to have witnessed it again! Thank you!
--Claude Chew
Hartsdale, NY

February 13, 2008

More than a performance

You gave us much more than an exceptional performance. You gave us your heart and a love for people everywhere. What a talent you possess. What a blessing you are.
--Jill Morris
Community Relations Director
Greater Atlanta Christian School

January 19, 2008

Oscar award-winning quote

"Original"... "Touching"... "Well-staged".

These words best describe In All Circumstances and Feast of the Tabernacles, two very different presentations which successfully combine faith and theatre -- a rare feat!
—Robert M. Fresco

Academy Award-winning filmmaker for Chechoslovakia 1968

December 13, 2007

You livened it up

You made my weekend.  You livened it up.
--Gina Atkinson
Birmingham, England
after seeing Jonah and Harvey Silverstein

December 11, 2007


"(Beyond the Chariots) was heroic and noble."
--Sam Witherington
Birmingham, England

If I could paint a picture...

I couldn't believe that a single man could project such a large picture.
--Hazel Brookes
Birmingham, England
After a performance of Beyond the Chariots

October 31, 2007

Short attention span

I can't sit through an entire movie. I have an extremely short attention span, but this play (Beyond the Chariots, http://BeyondtheChariots) really held my interest.
--Stacy V. Fields
White Plains, NY

October 20, 2007


You convinced me every time you changed character.
--Dalores Wenzler
Milwaukee, WI
after seeing The Acts (

October 16, 2007

After Five Bells for 9/11

My husband and I were encouraged and filled with hope at the end of the evening.
Pam Hill
Pittsburgh, PA

October 10, 2007

Another anonymous post

I was at the presentation of "5 Bells for 9/11" at the South Hills
Church of the Nazarene in Bethel Park, PA. This performance was awe-inspiring and very moving. I wondered how the families of those who perished would feel, reliving these moments. My question was answered when Mrs. Ann van Hine spoke at the end of the program. She is evidence of God's healing power. I would encourage anyone who has not seen this to do so. I am thankful that Rich Swingle and Ann van Hine are using the gifts God has given them in this powerful way. May He bless them abundantly for their obedience.

September 13, 2007

an anonymous comment posted to

I was at the play on Tuesday, the 6th anniversary of 9/11. I couldn't even talk about it afterward because I was still "contemplating" it all. I was not as "teary-eyed" as I thought I would be, but I was deeply affected by the stories of hope. It was an amazing performance by Rich as he switched characters so quickly and did a phenomenal job. God was glorified as the stories unfolded and hope arose from the rubble. How I would love to see this again. But I feel so privileged to have been there and to have heard Ann van Hine and her testimony. It brings me to tears now as it is still so fresh in my mind, but they are tears of joy that God does not leave us in our misery, but that he provides hope in the midst of it all!! Thank you, Rich and Ann. You are truly messengers of the one true God.

August 24, 2007

An Olympic Performance

Rich Swingle marvelously intertwines history, culture, and religion through a host of characters with the main character's persona (Eric Liddell) exhibiting a cruciform way of life; true to life that even his still living daughters (i.e. Patricia, Heather and Maureen) would gladly attest to as they lost a father while others lost more than an Olympic hero for Swingle reminds us that Liddell was a man of humility and faith for the sake of others, the Chinese.
--John White

August 21, 2007

Definitely Worth Seeing

Rich Swingle is amazing in his capacity to communicate, involve and enthrall in his presentation of the life of Eric Liddell. The story has been diligently researched and brilliantly put together as a one-man play of diverse characters from a variety of ethnicities. It is exciting, dynamic, touching ... and true! Regardless of what else you may see in Edinburgh, see this!
--John Langlois

August 20, 2007

Powerful Play with a Personal Message

While the genre of one-man plays still needs to be explored by the general public at large, Rich Swingle's Beyond the Chariots does it more than justice by presenting not only an outstanding script and oustanding acting talents; it leaves you nourished and inspired with the story of this incredible Scotsman who truly traded the world for the work of serving his God. In viewing this play as an Off-Broadway production in New York City, I was struck by the technical difficulty of the assembling of this play into a cohesive and accessible plotline given the wide range of races, ages and backgrounds of the characters portrayed, yet Swingle pulls it off without a glitch, down to his excellent vocal control after running an imaginary (and very real) sprint during one of Liddell's running sequences in the play! But all that aside, one is touched by this moving portrayal of a humble and down to earth man who would willingly turn down the opportunity to run in the 1924 Olympics to remain faithful to his God because the race was on a Sunday. Such humility, committment and integrity is so rare today and Swingle portrays this beautifully! Liddell was a man who was willing to give up the world for following the Christ, that is Jesus. But in short, an excellent play! Exceptionally well crafted on so many levels!
--Claude Chew

Pasted onto a poster outside our theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe

Fantastic, believable performance, delivered with energy and emotion--Thank you!

August 19, 2007


This is a FAB show! It was fascinating to see the rest of the life of Eric Liddell, of "Chariots of Fire" fame; knowing it is a true story adds thought-provoking significance. Plus, as someone who has lived in Asia for four years, I am VERY impressed with the actor's grasp of Chinese language AND culture as he plays multiple roles! This is a show not to be missed--I saw it in the States first and would gladly see it again!

--Loch Winona, United States

August 18, 2007

from London

I have just returned from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, having seen Beyond the Chariots. I thought it was BRILLIANT and marvelously performed. I would like to know if there are any plans to perform it in London?
—Susan Beck

July 28, 2007

From a Dane in Oklahoma

About "Beyond the Chariots": "You made my year!"
--Colonel Vibeke Krommenhoek
International Youth Ministries Coordinator
Salvation Army

June 12, 2007

Beyond the Chariots: A Great Experience

I've never enjoyed anything so much in my life!
-- Maryann Andonian, Vancouver, WA

May 06, 2007

A breath of fresh air

(Your performance) was like opening a window and getting a breath of fresh air.
--Marge Kendall
mother-in-law of the late Mike Yaconelli

September 18, 2006

Five Bells for 9/11 on fifth anniversary

Many people commented on how helpful the service was to them and the excellent job you did. Three quarters of those in attendance were NOT from Grace so God has allowed us to truly reach out to the community.

--Karen Denaro
Minister of Worship
Grace Community Baptist Church
Washingtonville, NY

September 13, 2006

more powerful

 I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did last evening.  You have changed "Five Bells" from the previous times I have seen it and it was even more powerful and more honoring to God.
--Ann Van Hine
Her late husband, Bruce Van Hine, is one of the characters in Rich's play Five Bells for 9/11

August 15, 2006

Fwd: Rich Swingle's CITA Workshop

We just wanted to thank Rich for the wonderful Sociodrama workshop  

at the CITA (Christians in Theatre Arts: conference!  A lot of wonderful techniques were shared  

and the impact of the improvisations created was really profound.   

Throughout the rest of the conference the participants would  

address each other as "family".  (Amazing bonding for such a  

limited time together, don't you think?)

Thanks again for this offering!

Continued blessings to Rich --


Cara and Tracie of Drawing Water

July 02, 2006

Re: Beyond the Chariots

--Charmaine Hunter
Choreographer, Celine Dion's dance troupe
former principle, Dance Theatre of Harlem
Cirque du Soleil

May 04, 2006


Rich – I was impressed with your work as an actor and producer for Beyond the Chariots.  May God continue to bless your work in every way.
--Max McLean

April 26, 2006

Emmy Award Winner

"Get as many people in to see this as you can."
--Bobby Grayson
Emmy Award Winner

April 23, 2006

Which was better?

I can't decide which was better, the acting or the writing.
--Robert Fresco
Academy Award-winning film maker

So moving and beautiful

Dear Rich and Joyce,
May the Lord bless you for blessing us with "Beyond the Chariots."

It was so moving and beautiful. I sensed the Holy Spirit as Eric sang, "Be Still My Soul." I just loved all the energy and robust good humor that went into "Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet..."

The light and sets were so beautiful.

Rich, your energy was amazing.

What a treat to be blessed with this gift--We enjoyed the performance so much. I'm eager to see where it goes from the Nations indeed!

Love always in Jesus,
Jim, Linda and Rebekah Warren

April 11, 2006


I was so very privileged to see Rich's show this past Sunday in Winona Lake. FABULOUS. As a former teacher at an international school in Taiwan, I was impressed not only by Rich's exquisite acting and creativity, but also his authentic portrayal of Chinese culture!
--Amy Keith
Winona Lake, IN

March 15, 2006

Such meaning

Thank you so much for coming to our school and bringing us such inspiration and positive energy!! We all benefited from your visit. It was great to meet you and I'm so excited about the work that you do. Praise the Lord! I will pray for your continued success as you reach out to others. The students in my Drama and Grade 9 English Classes enjoyed your performance (of Beyond the Chariots) and felt honoured that they could provide feedback to you. What an amazing show with such meaning.
--Liz Gaiger
International Christian School
Hong Kong

March 13, 2006

Back to our roots

"Thus far all feedback has been very praising and grateful for 'A Clear Leading'. The general consensus is that you brought us back to our roots."
Tom Wolfe
Clerk, Religious Education
Adelphi Friends Meeting

March 09, 2006

A note from Hong Kong

"We so appreciated the work you did with our students and the opportunity to see your show (Beyond the Chariots). As I've read through my students' journal reflections on the workshops I'm blessed again at seeing how much, and how many different things, they learned from you.

"Thank you again for giving of yourself for our benefit -- and thank you for being a model for our students of how we can use our talents for God's glory."

--Susan Wade
International Christian School
Hong Kong

February 23, 2006

Beyond the Chariots: Authentic

"Great performance--authentic, moving, thought provoking!"
--Dr. James Hudson Taylor III
Great-grandson of Hudson Taylor, who founded the China Inland Mission, now Overseas Mission Fellowship International
When he was a boy, Dr. Taylor was in the concentration camp with Eric Liddell.

February 17, 2006

More interesting than Chariots of Fire

"This is going to blow you away! I've seen Chariots of Fire about 20 times, but I think this is more interesting."
--Chris White
Associate Pastor
Trail Christian Fellowship
Shady Cove, OR

January 04, 2006

About the Revelation

"I just wanted to tell you how much God used you today!!! I was so moved and still am. It is something that hasn't happened to me in such a long time; it was wonderful!!! Thank you for being His instrument."
--Jodi Penn
Hayden Lake, ID

January 03, 2006


"Everyone enjoyed your chapel performance, of course. And it's clear
(from students' comments) that the 'sociodrama' segment in class was
thoroughly thought-provoking (in a very good way)."
—Alan Rathe
Professor of Worship
Alliance Theological Seminary

December 02, 2005

Views of the Manger

"The best preparatory celebration I've ever had for Advent. You exegeted the scriptures very well."
—Don Bubna
Coach, Consultant and Conciliator
Serving under Salem Alliance Church
Salem, Oregon

November 22, 2005


The Revelation was masterful.
—Stephen Court
co-author of Be a Hero and Revolution


A remarkable and very talented man of God, Rich Swingle is a NY actor and evangelist who is used mightily of the Lord through his many anointed one-man performances. He has taught and performed throughout the USA and in many countries, inspiring young people not only in the performing arts but also in their walk with the Lord. 
--Oona Goodman

High Energy

(Rich has) exuberance and high energy in the portrayal of several well-defined characters of the piece.  This guy is REALLY talented!
--Felicia Lopes
General Manager, Drama Desk Awards
President, 5 Stone Productions, LLC 

November 14, 2005

from a producer of Broadway's Swinging on a Star

"Rich's work not only has a dramatic appeal, but is spiritually nourishing, and that's quite a powerful combination. I like productions that raise people's consciousness and make a difference in lives. Rich does this singlehandedly."
-Kimberly Vaughn
Broadway producer, director, performer and teacher

After seeing an excerpt of Beyond the Chariots

"Good job."
--Tony Campolo, PhD
Speaker, Author, Sociologist

September 08, 2005

Enacted Prayer in Toronto

Rich Swingle has been a staff member of our annual summer School of Music and Gospel Arts for the past two years and his contribution has been inestimable.

This past week he led more than 230 of us in 'Enacted Prayer' which was expressed several times throughout the 10-day event. Real life concerns and events were brought alive in these impromptu enactments. After a brief set-up we looked on in solemn silence as the 'actors' depicted a range of life circumstances needing remedy. We viewed in detachment the sickness, confusion and desperation we could not resolve on our own. Sometimes 'God' was seen to work a miracle in answer to our prayer. But, sometimes it was simply enough to release our cares and visualize how things were now out of our hands and placed into his.

This exercise was therapeutic both in the clinical as well as spiritual sense. I mean to say, for those who saw with their physical eyes only, these tableaus engendered hope and encouragement. To those able to see with spiritual eyes, release was gained, faith renewed and a measure of peace restored .

As camp administrator I can attest the benefit of healing and wholeness derived from Enacted Prayer. In my opinion it would be an engaging and powerful tool in any community whether faith-based or not.

Major Len Ballantine
Secretary for Music and Gospel Arts
Canada and Bermuda Territory

Enacted Prayer

"The enacted prayer was profound on many levels... The essential wordlessness ...was very powerful... Words are often just superfluous noise. Enacted prayer points people emotionally heavenward out of the abyss of circumstance. Enacted prayer reflects the process of prayer as outlined by St. Paul...that when we cannot pray, the Holy Spirit will pray for us and through us with groans that cannot be uttered."
--Connie Knighton M.T.S.
Clinical Member A.A.M.F.T.
Individual, Marital and Family Therapist

September 03, 2005

You inspired me

I appreciate your willingness to be radical for Jesus. You inspired me with your freedom to not hold back, to let loose and not let our traditions be a barrier for you to be free to worship.
--Dion Durdle

August 07, 2005

Journey to the Garden (listed under short pieces)

That will stay with me for the rest of my life.
--Lydia Bayne
LaGrangeville, NY

July 31, 2005

From a former skeptic

"I really enjoyed your presentation.  I have been a huge Eric Liddell fan for years.  I must admit I was a little skeptical about coming to see your (play).  But I was deeply moved by the message of your piece and also by the professionalism of your presentation.  Thank you."
--Mark Branner
Director of Theatre Arts
Antelope Valley College in Lancaster,

July 25, 2005

Beyond the Chariots

I am still reeling from it as it was so profound.
--Dave Layne
Scarsdale, NY

July 19, 2005

Way to go bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martha (Graham) would have loved Rich's physicality, and his innate ability to maintain character and dramatic line throughout his performance.

- Steve Rooks, former Principal Dancer
Martha Graham Dance Company

July 02, 2005

Shine before men

Dear Rich,
I was so moved by your dramatic portrayal of the people who had come "Face to Face with Jesus." I could not help to think while you presented that these were perhaps some of the very people that Jesus told "Were the light of the World"! Your God given talents and gifts brought this thought to mind and I can only imagine how bright they did shine for Jesus after what He did for each of those you portrayed so powerfully! May your light continue to shine brother for His Glory!

Your blood brother,

Rod Mayer

June 16, 2005

Great stuff!!

I so appreciated your ministry at Pastor's Conference.  Great stuff!!
Faith Marsalli
Klamath Falls Friends Church

June 12, 2005

re: The Acts

I thought you were Paul. I had to tell you how real it was.
-Andy Van der Wiele
North Haledon, NJ

June 10, 2005

from a review in England

It was exciting and provocative.
-Peter Lewis
"Rich recollection of Quaker 'hooligan'"
Hexham Courant, England (June 2, 2000)

Remarkable on a Number of Levels

I thought the Woolman play was remarkable on a number of levels. It was a powerful reminder of the importance of taking a stand for truth and justice. I liked the 'ordinary' aspects revealing [that] injustice can exist under our noses, forming the fabric of our lives. Simply because it is commonplace does not justify its existance or continuation.
-Sherrie Schulke, Professor of Sociology
George Fox University

From York, England

You gave us a wonderful performance of 'A Clear Leading' when you visited us at Pocklington School. The workshop you gave my Theatre Studies set the next morning was interesting and very useful, we speak about it often.
-Amy Greene, Student
Pocklington School, York, England

A Tour de Force

A tour de force.
-Joyce Taylor, CEO
Discovery Channel Network Europe

Happy with What God is Doing Through You

I am so happy with what God is doing for us all through you.
-Ellie Ellsworth, Artistic Director for the Eugene O'Neill Cabaret Symposium

A Gifted Couple

This is an incredible ministry of a remarkably gifted couple who use their talents and unity to emulate and communicate Jesus in a real and relevant way.
-Rev. Don McCracken
Single Adult ministries Director, Metro
New York District Church of the Nazarene

Israel TV Program

We had the pleasure of having actor Rich Swingle guest host on 'Y2', a Christian music video TV program for youth aired in Israel and the surrounding Middle East nations. His presenting was genuine and very humorous. Also his dramatic performances in Jerusalem were profound expressions of truth embodied with movement vocabulary that crosses cultural and language barriers touching the heart with the excellence of God's word and spirit.
-Richard Ayal Frieden, Producer
Heart Rock TV, Inc., Jerusalem, Israel

Great Characters

Really enjoyed your work. You do some great characters.
-Jeff Allen

A Clearer Picture of God's Purpose

The writtings of the book of Revelation had always mystified me since I was a little girl, but tonight I was given a clearer picture of God's purpose.
-Sue Blish, former missionary to South America

Your Performance was a Gift

Your performance [of Views of the Manger] was a gift.
-Emmanuel Lobato, Yonkers, NY

An Amazing Gift

Your performance of The Acts today at The Lamb's Theatre was incredible. What an amazing gift you have been given.
-Cindy Dupree, Producer of Live from the The Lamb's

Very Enjoyable

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the performance. We loved your sketches of Jonah, Gideon, Jeremiah and Lazarus. I enjoyed the great writing, the way you wove historical/cultural background, yet made the characters relevant and believeable at the same time. I was especially moved by you working the clay while Jeremiah's words boomed forth.
-Melissa Martin Stiles
writer for the Medford mail Tribune

A Gifted Young Artist

Rich is a gifted young artist who is a powerful instrument for proclaiming the Gospel through theatre.
-Jeannette Clift George
Corey Ten Boom in "The Hiding Place"
Artistic Director of AD Players

You Changed my Life

You changed my life.
—William Martin
Kearny, NJ

Thank You

Thank you for your inspiration and guidance.
—Sarah Mayfield
Founder and Artistic Director
WML (What's My Line?!) Players

About Rich

He's the converted version of Jim Carrey.
—Pastor Eustace McDonald
East New York Church of the Nazarene

Great Talent

I want to thank you for sharing your talent in both writing and acting. The story was powerful, and I am amazed at the way in which you brought so many characters to life through voice and personality. The magic was in the gift you have and shared to bring the past so truly present.
—Kathy Beckwith
Portland, Oregon

From a Mission

On behalf of the entire Europe Team of Grace Brethren International Missions, I thank you. We very much appreciated the way you captured the spirit of the living Word, of some of its main characters and their message. Thank you for the inspiration that you were to us, stimulating creativity within our team—especially among the children & teens. Merci, graçias, danke, thanks and ciao!
—Paul Klawitter
GBIM Europe Regional Director
Dijon, France


He's like a stick of dynamite!
—Jim Downs
Youth Pastor
Lewiston, ME, Corps of The Salvation Army

About the Workshops

—Terry Dismore
Gospel Music Association
GMA Week Programming Committee

An Enlightening Experience

Rich Swingle has mastered a unique combination of entertainment, teaching, and self-discovery. He provides a bright approach to the story of Jonah, entertains, questions in character, then conducts a sociodrama which allows the audience to improvise themselves and teach one another. Rich’s giving personality comes through as he leads the group through a fun and enlightening experience.
—Gino Peña
New York City Teacher


This is now the third time I have had the pleasure of seeing you in action. Once again, you astound me! Not only for the clear biblical message, but your ability to portray each persona is exceptional. This presentation is, clearly, the best yet. And it was, in a word, powerful!
—John Healy
Assistant Principal
Arlington Middle School
Poughkeepsie, NY

"Loyalty" is one of the short pieces Rich offers.

Speaking directly to our church today

Rich's message speaks directly to our church today. The challenge of remaining loyal in a relativistic society rings true in our hearts and minds. Are we the next Pergamum?
—Jeff Matteson
Valley Community Church
Clinton Corners, NY

From a stage, screen, and television actor

It is amazing to watch Rich Swingle transform himself from a baby to a 20 year old in front of your eyes. Only a top actor can do this.
—Mac Nelson
Stage, Screen, and Television Actor

About The Revelation

We were so spiritually enriched by your artistry with our European team. The gift of your presence and drama was very generous. Your depth was demonstrated in your adaptations and inclusions.
—Dr. Will Marling
Dublin, Ireland

Serving God

"Your acted out depiction of the book of Revelation made the amazing past and future events of God's word more real to me than ever before. God used you (Rich) to bless my heart as we await the return of our blessed Lord."
—Sam Schwartz
Career Missionary
Porto, Portugal

Great way to Involve Audience

Great way to involve audience and really make them think about what they have seen and heard.
—Marlita Yardumian
Leader Tennessee Work and Witness Team

A Treat and a Blessing

It was really a treat and a blessing having a professional actor share with us such a high quality performance of biblical events! At the evening service the people were sharing what a blessing they had received Sunday morning.
—John Hobson
Pastor North Bend First Baptist Church (Oregon)

About Big Fish Little Worm

The play lets us look at a familiar Bible story in a new way, giving us some insight into the humanity of Jonah and the reality of how God deals with his people.
—James Masters, Ph.D.

About A Clear Leading

I found your performance [of A Clear Leading] compelling, disturbing, and engulfing.
—Amanda Skow
Salt Lake City Monthly Meeting of Friends

Excellent Stage Presence

Rich Swingle, playwright and actor, brings excellent stage presence and physical exuberance to his performance of the one-person play, A Clear Leading. … (Swingle) is a master of a large variety of voices and dialects, switching characters with hats and other minimal props to pull off a well-paced and provocative drama, even when he is the only actor on stage. …The burden of this play is that of not passing the curse of racism on to the next generation—a tangible issue for every American, since the curse has been passed on to all of us.
—Wayne Copenhaver
“‘A Clear Leading’ A One-person play about John Woolman”
Quaker Life, January/February 1997

"Swingle is an extremely competant actor"

Obviously very sincere in matters of religion, Swingle hasn’t let matters of devotion get in the way of creating an entertaining, interesting, and moving theatre piece....Swingle [is] an extremely competent actor, able to bring all these characters to life with a minimum of props, a couple of set pieces, and authentic-looking costume.
—John Chatterton
Editor, Off-Off-Broadway Review “Window into the past”, August 7, 1997

About A Clear Leading

Another Quaker innovator, Rich Swingle, has been performing…A Clear Leading, based on incidents in John Woolman’s life, (which) has delighted audiences across America…
—Michael P. Graves
from Truth’s Bright Embrace

Five Bells for 9/11

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed 'Five Bells for 9/11.' I sat transfixed."
—Lois Struble
attends Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene

Five Bells for 9/11

The play provided some excellent opportunity for grief work to continue
among many in our congregation. I thought the play was very tastefully done.  A powerful witness to our ultimate salvation through Christ.  (Matt 10:28)
—Steve Shomo
Pastor of Warwick Valley Church of the Nazarene
Home church of one of the three characters
in Five Bells for 9/11

Five Bells for 9/11

Re: Five Bells... That was lovely. Thank you.
—Robert M. Fresco
Academy Award Winning Filmmaker

from Bob Hope's comedy writer

You're such an amazing talent!
—Martha Bolton
Author and comedy writer for Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, Ann Jillian, Jeff Allen, Mark Lowry, Fritz Coleman, and more.

You kept the attention of the kids

You kept the attention of the kids for an hour. You did an excellent job keeping the attention of the adults as well.
--Dale Weaver
Closter, NJ

About The Acts

I saw things I'd never seen before.
--Tom Albright
Triechlers, PA

June 09, 2005

Body Language

As a photographer I read more from the body language. So as your characters changed it helped me distinguish between them.
--David Dobson

They're still talking!

My class of grades 1-2 kids that attended your SGCS visit was STILL talking about at the end of the school year!  :o)
--Bruce Wilkinson
MasterWorks Festival instructor
teacher at Surrey Garden Christian School

June 08, 2005

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