September 8, 2005

Enacted Prayer in Toronto

Rich Swingle has been a staff member of our annual summer School of Music and Gospel Arts for the past two years and his contribution has been inestimable.

This past week he led more than 230 of us in 'Enacted Prayer' which was expressed several times throughout the 10-day event. Real life concerns and events were brought alive in these impromptu enactments. After a brief set-up we looked on in solemn silence as the 'actors' depicted a range of life circumstances needing remedy. We viewed in detachment the sickness, confusion and desperation we could not resolve on our own. Sometimes 'God' was seen to work a miracle in answer to our prayer. But, sometimes it was simply enough to release our cares and visualize how things were now out of our hands and placed into his.

This exercise was therapeutic both in the clinical as well as spiritual sense. I mean to say, for those who saw with their physical eyes only, these tableaus engendered hope and encouragement. To those able to see with spiritual eyes, release was gained, faith renewed and a measure of peace restored .

As camp administrator I can attest the benefit of healing and wholeness derived from Enacted Prayer. In my opinion it would be an engaging and powerful tool in any community whether faith-based or not.

Major Len Ballantine
Secretary for Music and Gospel Arts
Canada and Bermuda Territory


At 12:45 AM, Connie said...

Me too.

At 12:45 AM, Connie said...

Me too.


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